Skateboarding is a Crime

Fund raiser exhibition for building skateparks in Cape Town - A by-law passed by the City of Cape town has made skateboarding illegal on any public road, though very little is being done to build skateparks in and around the city.

"Skateboarding is a Crime" is an exhibition of illustrations by Gerhard Human in collaboration with Woodies Ramps.
12 unique illustrations is on sale at a ridiculously low price. Hand printed in edition of 30, numbered and signed.
ALL PROCEEDS goes to the development of skateparks in South Africa.

The exhibition opened on Thursday, 26 April at Clarke's Bar and Dining Room and will run for a week after.
For more info check or

The prints are selling at R200 (ZAR) and can be ordered directly from Woodies: Postage and packaging in South Africa is R50 (ZAR) and I think international shipping would be around R150 (ZAR)


Tjalf Sparnaay

Tjalf Sparnaay's paintings hit the retina like bolts of lightning in a clear blue sky. No other painter confronts us quite so clearly with ordinary objects that we hold dear. Since 1987, he has been working on his imposing oeuvre, constantly seeking new images that have never been painted before. What he calls Megarealism is part of the contemporary global art movement of Hyperrealism, and Sparnaay is now considered one of the most important painters working in that style.  kaynak:

Menno Aden

Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models. A camera that the artist installed on the ceiling of various rooms takes pictures downwards of the interiors. The resulting images lay out space in symmetrical compositions that look like assemblages stripped off any kind of objectivity. The views into private homes and secret retreats bring up associations of the ubiquitous observation camera. The notion of surveillance is systematically played out by the artist to hint at society’s voyeuristic urge that popular culture has made mainstream.

Giampaolo Miraglia

“Hi, my name is Giampaolo Miraglia, i'm a Rome based Creative Art Director and Graphic Designer.
I'm always searching for the best tools and styles to deliver high quality work.”

There is a kitchen in Tarlabaşı...

Local markets, shops, organizations, farmer's cooperatives and all sorts of collectives contribute to the kitchen with vege tables, cereals, oils and other ingredients that they offer. All contributors bring something to put into the pots, stir them and land a hand to whatever is needed. Here neither money nor credit cards are valid, but solidarity and collaboration are. This is a place of sharing our food, labor, ideas, stories and daily lives. The kitchen is not solely about eating. Those who are willing to, can share their knowledge, abilities and experiences with others through workshops. For what comes in handy for one, might also be a tool for the others. To start with, there will be Turkish and English language courses, legal counselling for immigrants, activities for children and craft courses open to everyone's contribution. This kitchen serves as a locus of solidarity&sharing against all sorts of borders that tear us apart.