IKEA PS CAMERA : Jesper Kouthoofd

Forget TVs. Want something more whimsical and lo-fi than Instagram? This is a digital camera made of cardboard that Ikea included with its press kit at this year's Milan Design Week. It runs on two AA batteries (Ikea-branded, natch) and features a swing-out USB plug, viewfinder cutout, shutter key and paperclip-friendly erase button. While there are no details on the sensor, lens or storage capacity, the camera holds up to 40 pictures.

The Hemloft

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Elliott Ripper House by Christopher Polly Architect

Architect Christopher Polly has designed the Elliott Ripper House in Sydney Australia.
The project simply and directly extrapolates existing formal qualities in plan and section, with extension of key existing materials and finishes to retain some memory of its previous incarnation – while providing a significantly expanded series of connected interior volumes that harness access to sunlight, ventilation and views of tree canopies, sky and district beyond.
kaynak: www.cuded.com

The Shins: The Rifle’s Spiral

The Shins: The Rifle’s Spiral

Director Jamie Caliri Conjures Up an Animation for the Indie Rockers

Three sinister gentlemen, a magician and an enormous rabbit populate the fantastical landscape of Emmy-winning director Jamie Caliri’s video for “The Rifle’s Spiral,” a new track by Portland-based indie rock heavyweights The Shins. Sketching the short’s narrative from any lyrics that grabbed his attention, Caliri had free rein to let his imagination run wild, resulting in a surreal stop-motion animation. “I have always loved Edward Gorey’s illustration work and his influence is apparent throughout the video,” says Caliri. “Also, seeing Martin Scorsese’s Hugo three times subconsciously veered my thoughts onto the magic theme.” Founded in 1996 by singer-songwriter James Mercer, The Shins played Coachella Festival last weekend as part of a US tour in support of their grandiose fourth album, Port of Morrow. Featuring guest appearances from Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer and Wild Flag’s Janet Weiss, Port of Morrow took five years in the making after Mercer put the group on hiatus to become a father. Enthusing about the current renaissance in music videos after also making a 3D version of the film exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Caliri observes: “It's now more like the years before MTV, when music videos did not have
 a formula. You can be expressive and idiosyncratic.”

David Lanham

I've always had a fascination with the contrasts of nature and technology. With an active imagination, it's let me to love both traditional and digital arts. I had the luck of learning from some amazing teachers growing up and followed it through college where I studied drawing and design at the University of Central Florida, graduating in 2004. Since then, I've been making all sorts of icons for all sorts of software at the Iconfactory while keeping up with my personal work in the off time. My artwork is made to be fun and enjoyable as well as a bit open-ended to invite the viewer to add their own story to the imagery. Digital works are created on a Mac, using Photoshop and/or Illustrator. 
kaynak: http://www.davidlanham.com/art/samonkey/

Pixel Made

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Tupac Hologram Live @Coachella 2012 ( HQ )

Sylwia Makris

Good photo tells what was, why might have been or what is waiting painfully beneath the surface. Sylwia Makris has been in pursuit of these sparks since she first held a camera. Her quest produces images that may delight or disturb but always move the beholder.
kaynak: sylwiamakris.com


These are the opening titles from this years student organized motion graphics symposium, "COMOTION 2012"

Jean Cocteau Müzesi

Menton kenti tarafından 2007 yılında düzenlenen ve 2008 yılında sonuçlanan uluslararası bir yarışmada Rudy Ricciotti’nin (2006 Fransa Büyük Mimarlık Ödülü) birincilik ödülünü kazandığı proje, toplam 2700m2 bir alanı kaplamakta ve Severin Wunderman tarafından verilen sanatçının çalışmalarını kapsamakta.
Bazı açılardan sınırlı olan alan büyük bir potansiyele de sahiptir. Orada daha önceden mevcut olan bir garaj ilk yeraltı katında bulunmakta ve ikinci bodrum katta yer alan “arındırma fabrikası” bölüme bir ulaşım rampasıyla erişilmekte.

Ben Biondo

Oscar Niemeyer Apartment

Brazilian architect Felipe Hess in collaboration with Brazilian artist Renata Pedrosa updated the interior of this 140 square meter apartment located in Oscar Niemeyer’s Copan Building in São Paulo, Brazil.
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Sammy Slabbinck

Sammy Slabbinck is a Belgian artist. His eye for muted tones and surreal compositions make his work engaging and memorable. In conjunction with his collage works, Slabbinck has an impressive portfolio of typographic works.

Moonrise Kingdom

Monsieur Appert Identity

Designed by Diogo Nasimento | Country: Portugal
Monsieur Appert, a preserved fruit and vegetables business with a French spirit that works with the tradition of the natural method and pays homage to the figure of the cook who has discovered the formula for preserving food: Nicolas Appert.

Creative Cards Project

The main aim of the project is to create something astonishing, collectable and unique. We have invited 54 top digital creative ninjas and asked them to pick up one card each and make a design of it in their own style and technique. We are proud that there are such gurus as Joshua Davis, Shotopop, Brosmind, Your-Majesty and others. The one and the only requirement to the authors was so that the theme of their artwork should fit to the card they’ve chosen best and as a result we’ve got a deck of individually illustrated play cards. kaynak: creativecards.cc/joao-oliveira/


Wo Hing Restaurant

Wo Hing Restaurant
A beautiful identity for a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.
The vivid blues against the eye-catching noodles in various different abstractions are quite striking and bold, and very unusual for a Chinese restaurant.
As the designer says, “The logo plays with the delicate nature of noodles, a main staple on the restaurant’s menu. We also noticed a similarity to the structure of tubular neon signs that are often associated with Chinese street food. In addition to the logo, we created a rich, colorful visual language using only the aforementioned humble noodle. Using a scanner, designers experimented with raw and cooked noodles to create a number of flowing, abstract images.”


Color of Beats

"Color of Beats" Designer: Hailey Chan / MUA: Vivi Suzuki / Model: Danielle (Bravo models ,Tokyo Japan) 
 Photographer: Yanzhou Bao / kaynak: www.behance.net  

Mad Men in the Modern Tech World

One of my favorite things to do, when my grandparents were alive, was to talk to them about technology. They never really understood everything that I showed them, but they were enthralled by it.
So what about a more globally-recognized group of people than my grandparents? What would the characters in Mad Men had technology widely available? It seems that the team over at Infolinks has put their heads together and commissioned a graphic that shows us everything from Don Draper’s electronic cigarettes to Pete Campbell’s Facebook addiction.


Julia Guther.

Completed my studies in Visual Communication and Illustration at UdK Berlin and UWE, Bristol (UK). I am based in Germany, and work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for various publishers, magazines, newspapers and agencies around the globe, predominantly in Berlin and Hamburg. I’m interested in a wide range of collaborations and the sharing of all sorts of ideas.
kaynak: http://www.juliaguther.de/

Lovely Package

Curating the very best packaging design 
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