Liz Clements

Tattoo illustrations by Liz Clements. Liz is Freelance artist/illustrator based in London, UK.

Ugur Çolak

Uğur Çolak'ın son dönem fotoğraf çalışmalarını yayınladığı görsel arşivi ve tamamlanmamış bir "açık kitap blog" projesidir. kaynak:

Sylvain Huyaux

My name is Sylvain Huyaux. I’m a 30 year-old Designer born and raised in Paris, France. Through the years I’ve managed to immerse myself into many forms of Design including Brand Design, Graphic Design, Photo Shooting, Illustration and Typography.

Dmitry Maksimov

Dimitri Maksimov (1987), illustrator and photographer. From the cold lands of Russia, city of Moscow, comes this artist that seems to be higly influenced by Hayao Miyazaki's animations. His pictures are often populated by amorphous sprites, blobby monsters, human-shaped fairies that merge the imaginary with the real, reminding the feeling of most of the work of Master Miyazaki, like Totoro, Mononoke Hime, Sen to Chihiro, or Nausicäa.
Using effects of scaling or "tilt-shift"as I read before (focusing a reduced area of the picture so that it feels like a miniature), Dmitry photoshops this fantastic world from inside his head to beautiful background pictures (I'm not sure if he takes the pictures), such as a park in the winter, or aerial views of snow-covered fields or the earth seen from space. The result is a beautiful fantasy image the show us how illustrations can be smoothly combined with photography.

Haven't seen anything like that until today. But his universe is so cold that gives me chills!

Gramatik - Solidified (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Hillary White

I_work mainly in acrylics, though I also enjoy drawing with just about anything; pencils, charcoal, markers, pens, and eraser. I also design T-shirts with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, and sometimes free-hand. Dabble in video, music video, and stop-motion. I love a range of styles and mediums!
“There are times in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect. Often, the soul recognizes its choice before the rational mind has time to process the information.” The white rabbit symbolizes that inner voice, the soul’s choice. Pay attention!

Laura Makabresku

i don't have anything in common with myself. i'm a poet and owl . i'm sensitiveness and empty space. sometimes i feel that i grew up beside death.(i'm inspired by sensitivity and darkness).

Caitlin Hackett


We have two choices in Berlin, Stephen and John, and in 2009 with our first product, the project BEER everyday goods brought into being.
Since then, we must include a growing number of bars, pubs and clubs to our allies that take our concerns of a more honestcommunication in public space. For the first anniversary of the 2010 WINE Sports Drink beer is added.Cheers!

Crow God

Çinli Tasarımcı Crow-God
daha fazlası için: crowgod

Smoking Kids

Provocating photo series “The beauty of an ugly addiction” by Frieke Janssen. Kaynak:

Jakob Nylund &Mia

Check out this great place where photographer, typographer and art director Jakob Nylund lives together with his girlfriend Mia. Jakob also runs the photo blog Formconspiracy. This apartment is located in Stockholm, Sweden and I really love the styel in this home, especilly the lamp in the bedroom and the computer table. What’s not to love about this charming home?